Pride Month’s Almost Over

June is the best month of the year, and my birthday is in July. It’s the best because all of the kids are just getting out of school and the beauty and magic of summer is so thick in the air you can taste it. The excitement of outside is still palpable. And rainbows are everywhere. Every-freaking-where.

I wanna be mad about how corporate Pride month has become, but honestly, I kinda like it. I personally wont be buying any rainbow gear from Target this season, but I will be sporting the jumper I bought off the sale rack in July of last year, as well as my binder, doc martins, and gay af snap back – best combo ever.

Regardless of capitalism I wanna give a shout out to those celebrities who have kept it real, kept it fun, freaky, lovely, cute, and queer af over the past few days. Here we go

Jonathan Van Ness

This wonderful person who has already stolen our hearts with Queer Eye and his Instagram journeys through learning to ice skate and gymnastics. He came out as non-binary this week and my heart is so happy for him.

Check out this article from autostraddle about him coming out, and read the original interview with him here – everything is lovely and joy is real.

Billy Porter

Billy Porter appeared on an episode of The Late Show with Steven Colbert and it’s so full of lovely wonderful things I need you to just watch it here for yourself.

The cat walk at the end… perfection!

Todrick Hall

One of my faves. He technically released this at the beginning of the month, but honestly it’s been so good this whole time and was the inspiration for my Pride playlist.

The joy and the freedom is infections – play this song as you’re getting ready and you’ll feel like the baddest queen ever.

Taylor Swift

The queen of pandering has done it again, with her new video, but honestly I’m not that mad about it. I absolutely love how shameless it is and to me it feels a lot like the corporate branding of pride – it misses a lot of the point, but isn’t inherently bad.

But for real we were all rooting for Taylor and Katy to kiss at the end there, right?


I’m no celebrity, but I wanted to plug my Pride Playlist (still under construction) because honestly part of pride is sharing everything that we do and love with each other. If you have suggestions for this playlist, please feel free to let me know.

My Pride Playlist – and then sashay

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