About me

Hi, you can call me Cass.

I am a Software Engineer, I’m a mathematician, I’m 27, I’m gay.

I live with my partner, our dog and our cat in a cute little apartment in Connecticut and I generally like my life.

At the front of who I am is my earnestness. For example, my girlfriend and I were talking about something or other, and she said, “Babe, you are always literal”. To which I promptly responded, in a slightly offended tone, “I’m only mostly literal.” Two beats later and we were both doubled over laughing.

The thing is that it’s true. I’m literal, I’m earnest, I’m a cancer sun and leo moon. I love deeply and obsess easily and I find this world a fascinating place to live.

The Cast of Characters

Z – they/them- my loving, lovely partner. They’re 26, very tall, rather blond, and is slowly saving the world.

Dani – she/her – my asshole of a queen cat. She’s 7 and is the head of our household.

M – she/her – probably my best friend in the whole world. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband and cat.

Q – he/him – one of Z’s closest friends. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and over the past four years has become one of my very good friends as well.

L – they/them – a very good friend who introduced Z and I. Read a bit about how we met and what they mean to me here.

Last updated March 11th, 2021